Monthly Archives: February 2017

Feb. 28, 2017, psalm 129, Deuteronomy 12 psalm 130, (18)

Shrove, as in Shrove Tuesday, is absolution. We talk here about statutes and rules given to by the Lord God. A large admonition against following the religions of the people who were living in the land given to the people of Israel. There is a repetition of what the Lord says in this chapter. What the distractions from your worship can you eliminate? Do these passages form the basis for getting other people who are not of your faith? Chuck suggests that we need to make our religion’s point of view known. There has to be a rule of law. You don’t have to believe the law but you can’t violate them. Jesus said give onto Cesear what is due Cesear. You give to god what belongs to god. In Micah we are told love justice, be kind, live morally, and do good to others. In the OT we wipe out the signs of religion but we don’t try to convert people in the New testament. The people should have focus on your religion and avoid the trappings of others. When is civil disobedience justified. Does anything in this chapter justify it. In Exodus you talk about property and life, and in Deuteronomy we talk about morality and worship rules.

Feb. 21, 2017, Psalm 121, Deuteronomy 11, Psalm 122 (17)

The writing here seems to switch between the voice of Moses and that of God. God here is demanding full allegiance from us and in exchange God will give material things or victories that provide land to the people. We talked about the Jewish refractories from Deuteronomy 6 that Jewish people touch or at least recognize as they pass it. Gene also talked about the book God’s Pause as a daily reading. We started to talk about angels. There are 7 layers of angels. The Muslims believe in angels as do the Catholics. How in this life be cognizant of God’s presence in our life, and Pries recommends daily recognition of God’s presence. Karen Armstrong has a book about religion and violence.

Feb. 14, 2017, psalm 148, Deuteronomy 10, psalm (17)

Is Moses the Jesus person? Many people think that is the case. God told Moses he had to make tablets and an arc to hold the tablets, then he would write the commandments on the tablets. This is the authority for our lives. The language is so important to give us the way to interpret the word for us. The reform of the Jews a couple of centuries after Moses gave a focus on the relationship with javhway and gave Moses voice. We had a conversation about the 5 extra books, the apochrafa. It provides more information but some are thrown out because they challenge accepted doctrine. We talked about Rob Bell. It appears that Betsy deVos’ family drove Rob out. Bill says he was just tired out. There is the naming of the tribe of Levi who were committed to keeping the commandments and would not share in the land. God is always there watching over you. The used the tithe to support the levites. It did not always mean necessarily 10℅. John brought up a movie called is Genesis history, a faith based move in a series with the shack, and others. We read Isaiah 7:14 which shows the power of translations.

Feb. 7, 2017, Psalm 90:1-8, deuteronomy 9, Psalm 90:9-17, (15) foggy today

We talked about the physical difficulties of this passage and frank reminded us that it is just a story. Bill said the counting is Trump arithmetic. You can last a week without water, a month without food. God told the people they were getting the land because the current people were so bad. Why did they make the calf, possibly some traveling people who were successful with that kind of idol. What about Moses bargaining with God. Does God know what happens tomorrow? What does it to our use of prayer? You need a life like brother Lawrence who prays for the presence of God and becomes more contented and calmer during the day. Who made the other people on the land, didn’t they have the promise of God? The Hebrews were the church and were the chosen people. Thus an exclusive relationship. Is this being too exclusive or exceptional? As long as there is a story there is life. Possibly a caravan came thru with riches and they may have bought the golden calf from them. When you practice the presence of God you have God with you. Maybe you can bargain with God and be able to understand what is happening to us.