Jan. 31, 2017, psalm 32:1-5, Deuteronomy 8, psalm 32:6-11 (19)

God provided everything they needed. It appears that they had no scarcity, clothes that did not wear out. While in the wilderness, they were a community and shared many thing. This led us to a discussion of how our parents saved and hoarded things. This was another test of obedience. Although there were times when people thought things were pretty good but when they heard of Canaan they were anxious. We hear about the struggle with suffering but awaiting the promise. Pries sang the magic penny about faith increases if you give it to others. Some people think God gave them land and they fight to keep it. Our Muslim speaker last Sunday was very articulate. A couple scoffed at what he was saying and walked out. It is confusing to study the Trinity and more straightforward to believe in one God. They believe Jesus wasn’t crucified but was taken to heaven.