January 10, 2017 Psalm 83:1-8, Deuteronomy 4-5:21, Psalm 83:9-18 (14)

God is setting up the way we live righteously. Neither add to nor take away from the law. There are always loopholes in the law. Here we are nation building as the israelites take over a new land and have to live with new lands. They had to get used to live in close terms of avoiding the religions of others. They didn’t have to worry about these things after life being by themselves in the wilderness. Joseph got the people into Egypt and Moses got them out. In the same way Jesus went to Egypt then came back across the Jordan to be baptized by John. By whose authority do ministers go to the pulpit. Moses gained his authority by the burning bush but cemented it by leading the people out of Egypt.
We moved into chapter 5, the commandments. The third commandment has had more rules written about it. The 3rd commandment has a lot of explanation while other commandments don’t offer this kind of explanation. Other people have these kinds of rules on a day off every 7 or 8 days.