December 20, 2016 Psaslm 4, Deuteronomy 1:46-2:37, Psalm 91, (22)

People get distracted when reading it because God kills so many people. The Pope just indicated that creation is not inconsistent with evolution and the big bang theory. This is the story of the Israelites coming out of the wilderness to take over the land. This shows there was a lot of contention over the land in Palestine. The 40 years in the wilderness amounted to an 11 day walk. How about the interaction between God giving conquests to the people or at least in the theology of the day. Bill says it is the imposition of a theology on a story of the Israelites taking land after leaving Egypt. They had to have a strong belief in God to wander the desert when they could see the fertile area beyond. It’s God’s will to kill people including women and children, isn’t this hard to accept. The Jews teach that after the flood God promised he would never start over again. The people would have to make do with their ability to deal with lack of faith in God. Al says that these stories were designed to give a history to thee Jewish people. Luther says you are free until you submit to gods will. It stops us in our tracks to hear it said that God’s will is that in a conquest that all humans of the enemy will be killed.