December 6, 2016 Psalm 135:1-13, I Peter 4:12-5:14 (20)

Deuteronomy will be next. Og was a giant who was the son of a fallen angel and a woman and was among a race of giants. These were Nephalum.
Some interesting verses in Peter. When you are in suffering you are in league with Jesus. Possibly the pride can be in having a relationship with God. If suffering for gods will, continue to do good. does God just prepare us to handle the things that happen to us and to try to help those who are trying to deal with problems. is it our role to help others even in our being to the faithful creator and continue to do good. I see some meaning in these passages that could be helpful in dealing with suffering. there is a great variety of translations of this book. We can’t deal with a god who controls everything, because God controls both good and evil. Peter seems to me to be telling people how to stay faithful to god. Not so much an evangelist.