October 25, 2016 psalm 120, I Peter 1:1-12, psalm 121, (21)

It might be written by Sylvanis, Peters secretary. It was written to the dispersion as an evangelical piece. Some say it is like Paul and could have been part of the writings of Paul and his associates. Take this is the word of God whether or not it is written by Peter. It was probably written for converted Jews. I peter looks similar to Ephesians. A question came up about whether peter was first pope? The early leaders in the east were called by the Greek for papas which by the 11th century became pope in English. Jesus resurrection is the defining aspect that sets him apart from someone who does miracles and preaches be good to others and to the poor. Then the Ascension comes. Was foreknowledge in verse 2 predestination?
Luther’s 95 thesis.
This is a treatise on the selling of indulgences to build st. Peters and all the statuary and gold incorporated in it. Luther says forgiveness is not for sale. This is also an argument of salvation by faith.