October 18, 2016 psalm 147:1-11, Luke 24 psalm 147:12-20 (21)

The monks at st. Mallory read Psalms 4 and 94 and they start with 135. Luke has a wonderful story of what the resurrection means to people. Jesus continues to teach after his resurrection. Al talked about the council of Nicea which decided on the books included in the Bible. There was a great deal of political dealings and even Alexander was involved. Why was his identity hidden? So many things in his ministry he seemed to want to keep private. Why? Maybe he felt that common man couldn’t expect he would arise from the dead. It never occurred to them that he would come back from the dead and so he felt he needed to introduce them to this gradually. The study Bible says Luke was writing for two audiences, the people of Jesus time as a history, and secondly for all the followers of Jesus over the ages. Then it is possibly a marketing ploy to let his followers in on the inside story. In verse 24, they came and found the stone rolled away. This lends some credibility to the story by naming the people with each other. A reference to Hebrews 7:23-26 is a strong indication of the need for a pope. Al suggests Luther’s 95 theses should be studied by our group