October 11, 2016 psalm 65:1-8, Luke 24 psalm 65:9-12 (23)

This was the whole crucifixion story. Lots of changes happen here, Herod and Pilate become friends, there is the trial and lots of accusations and upset people. Verse 34 doesn’t appear in all versions. Barabbas was probably someone who led a rebellion and was desired to lead the Jews against the Romans. Al says it would be very unlikely for the Romans to release someone who might then lead a revolt against the Romans. This is a strange circumstance since we have barabus who was convicted by the Romans of insurrection and murder whereas they found Jesus innocent. The crowd must have been out of control. The Jewish leaders must have been really convincing. Verse 3 says when asked if he was king of the Jews responded you have said so. There was a discussion of the language used here but I think it would have been the language of the people at that time but written in Greek by Luke many years later. Latin was the official language of the romans, but lots of citizens didn’t speak it. Under Alexander the great koine Greek became the language of the day. Mark 15:34 is the translation of a couple of Aramaic dialects into Greek. Matthew 27:46 says for this I was spared but they don’t say from what he was spared. But Matthew adds that Jesus said this was our destiny. Jesus said you will face adversity and there will be a decline in your current circumstances. There are lots of characters to discuss here.