Sept. 27, 2016 Psalm 86:1-11, Luke 22, Psalm 86:12-17 (18)

This is Luke’s version of the passion of our Lord. Jesus says the disciples should sell a cloak in order to buy a sword but then when peter uses it Jesus rebuked him for doing so. Dan brought up Mel Gibson’s film and how graphic was the description of the passion and death of Jesus. Frank has an article about the physical death of Jesus and how terrible it was. What was peter afraid of when he denied Jesus? The other disciples had scattered when Jesus was taken, but peter had followed along at a distance and was probably afraid the High priests would take him into custody as well. There are 3 cups described here , the cup of plagues, cup of redemption, cup of acceptance or praise. The 4th cup will be drunk in eternity and the hyssop of  The traditional use of cups was created at this time. The Eucharist is tied to the third cup, and therefore to the Passover. Why isn’t Passover and Easter at the same time. The disciples were probably interested in knowing who would be the leader after Christ and continue the movement. The Jewish people probably weren’t benefiting from the Romans like their leaders. Was it common to share a drink at every meal or was it special and have special meaning. In verse 20 Jesus announces the new covenant to save us but then almost right away he talks of and how Judas is headed for his doom.