Sept. 13, 2016 Psalm 107:33-40, Luke 19:11-47, Psalm 107:41-43, (22)

This is the parable of the servants given money by a master. He chides them for not making more on what they have. Is he rewarding the shrewdness if the Jewish person. What would happen if they had invested and lost money. 14 and 27 are connected and he kills them off. This is setting the tone for the Psalm Sunday entry emphasizing that we aren’t ready. His kingdom requires a different attitude. Jesus was hated by people because if teachings like this. People go to make a case against them. The subjects hated the merchant and sent a delegation to confront him and he killed them. People had to make choices. Times are tough. Align with the ruler either the Romans or the Christians. And make your choice grow. Now Jesus enters Jerusalem. Does this help with the parable. It doesn’t line up as an allegory but maybe it sounds like a parallel with the ruler in the parable. I find the connection puzzling. The Lord needs the donkey. How did they know who the Lord was. Maybe it is easier to see as a contrast between Jesus and the ruler. In 40 he is talking to the Pharisees and his other enemies. Jesus is emphasizing that he is not the usual kind of ruler but they still kill him. This is more than overthrow Rome. But the people believed in him, but the Pharisees and other enemies sought to kill Jesus. The way he got power was to die as a martyr and his heritage has lived on to this day. Rome destroyed Jerusalem because of the Jewish problem. Maybe the master of the parable is the Romans and they are happy as long as the Jews are making money for them but with the influence of Jesus aligning them with someone not making money for them so they destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish problem of Jesus. In Luke there are a 2 chapters to finish the story.