Sept. 6, 2016 psalm 107:1-18 Luke 18:31-19:10 psalm 107:19-35 (23)

Three passion predictions by Jesus. There were 2 predictions before this in Luke. Other Gospels had them all together. After this a blind person is healed as if to tell them they aren’t seeing. The blind man knew the power of Jesus and had faith in his power. It illustrates the disciples lack of faith, and not understanding the crucifixion. Were fishermen like the disciples practicing Jews. What part of his prediction of the cross did they not get. There doesn’t seem to be a OT reference to the Messiah’s death. There were other would-be Messiahs around who were making. Jesus the man had to die before Jesus as God could come into being. Did the disciples acknowledge Jesus as Messiah? Chuck asks if the second coming has already happening? Will Jesus come just one more time? Many religions look for the continuing revelation. We read on the story of Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus gave half of what he had. He was probably a tax collector for the Romans. When people give their testimony they tell how and why they were lost. Also he vowed to repay 4-fold to anyone I have wronged. Verse 9 says Jesus bestows his forgiveness on Zacchaeus’ house, but then extends it to all sons of Abraham.