August 30, 2016 Psalm 99:1-9, Luke 18:15-30, Psalm 134:1-3 1(18)

We talked about faith last week, but here we talk about children and their innocence being in the kingdom, whereas a rich ruler is too caught up in his life without Christ. Compare innocence with ignorance. Kids accept out of innocence but others do bad things out of ignorance. Do we have to have acceptance in order to overcome our human tendencies to like ourselves and our lives. Where does cynicism enter into our lives. ┬áDo we mellow as we age or do we become cynics. Is that becoming less accepting of Christ’s message. No amount of heroic effort will get us to being part of Christ.
But verse 22 puts us back in our place. Why does he use good as an adjective, maybe sarcasm. Giving up all that he owns is difficult because we don’t want to give simple acceptance. Jesus is looking into his heart and finding what the true love of life. It made Peter nervous because of all he had given up for Jesus. What about the and follow me means. Don’t fall in love with stuff because it stands in your life as a deterrent to his way. We need to trust God. We have satisfied. The 10 commandments give us a way of life but don’t the humanists do the same things. So what is the promise we seek, is it peace of spirit. Trust in God.