August 23, 2016 Psalm 136:1-13, Luke 18:1-12, Psalm 136:14-24, (19)

Do we have to continue to ask in order for prayers to be answered. In the message it says that the judge would attack me if I don’t give her justice. God isn’t in the mood for give me a prayer for a pony. Do we need to bombard God with prayer. Prayer is invoked for sickness, but maybe you should pray for God’s will be done. Does God listen to our prayers? Is God passing judgement when he doesn’t answer our prayers? We project our humanity onto God. John quoting C’s lewis said continually petition God for gods knowledge and power to carry out God’s will. How many of us really think God has a predetermined plan that is not known to us and when prayer is not answered we think it violates his plan. We are self centered and is that our greatest sin? When does God really talk to us and could dreams be a way of communicating with us. Mick Jaeger said in a song you don’t always get what you want but maybe you get what you need. We went on to the Pharisees and the tax collector.  How many of us are really the pharisee? Do we as humans have to have someone to look down on? Like in White trash the us founding fathers thought having slaves would ruin the lower class of people. We got into a discussion of the Trinity. It addresses a spiritual need.