August 8/16/2016 Psalm 128, Luke 17:11-22, Psalm 46 (18)

Dan has pity instead of Mercy in vs 13. Very different connotation. Jesus is the priest for the leper who came back to give thanks. Maybe that is why he gives thanks. Leprosy affects nerves and circulation. And fingers can fall off. Vs. 21 says the kingdom is in your midst. It is within us. It doesn’t refer to Jesus as kingdom of God but rather it was the concept of kingdom of God. The women’s movement change this to realm of God rather than kingdom. The kingdom of God will come as revelation without signs. This is a call to get busy. Don’t be waiting for Jesus to come. The Q or Qualla source is in all the Gospels. Look at Frankel’s search for meaning. We have just been saying the realm is in our midst, but in vs 34 it talks about being taken in the judgement. The eagles and vulture references put it in the time and place they were in then. Very gross. The days are coming when you will desire to see Jesus again or the days of the Son of Man. We try to think of things happening in a linear way but Jesus thinks more in possibly things will happen in a general way with multiple things just happen. Living and dying are the realities. Maybe we looked at things more as a future, not like these verses of the kingdom in our midst.