August 9, 2016 Psalm 125, Luke 17:1-9, Psalm 126 (17)

Bill related how God smote the tree he was trimming when he broke his leg by tree trimmers in the 5fh month after his accident. Look at the whole text not just individually. He days forgive those who repent, faith like a mustard seed, unworthy servant. These are serious sins that compromise the mission. Al asked if they had been together for some time because of the way he is talking to them. You either have faith or you don’t. Repent means turn yourself around and don’t do what you have been doing. Causing you to stumble has to do how you treat with children. Is drowning an easy or hard way to die and it probably is fairly easy as such things go. A lot of people say if they had more faith this bad event wouldn’t have happened. I believe, help my unbelief. Tillich wrote doubt is edge of growth. That is how we grow in faith. Matthew 18 should precede this passage it can make sense. Jesus is concerned about the dress and that it be proper for the occasion. Witness this passage in verse 7and the man who was refused by regular guests so brought people in off the streets buy then throws someone out because they were not dressed properly. Should we put the Gospels together in one narrative? Would that be instructive. If you did that what is the message. Mark, Luke, and Matthew and John each have a unique message. Jesus is saying that you should forgive again and again despite our attempts to our judgements that tend to continue. This is judgement. We don’t let things go, we hold them for future use. Is faith outcomes in this life or in the next life. Is faith so important because it is our ticket to heaven. The opposite of faith is apathy. We can believe in faith but heart is involved in trust that God will do as he says. Is faith a communal act. Probably so. Luther said the community prays for him when he couldn’t pray himself. We all have faith moments and we have doubt moments. We band together because of willingness to share our concerns and not have to all agree to the same idea.