July 26, 2016 Psalm 120, Luke 16 10:18, Psalm 122 (17)

We began talking about how we live in retirement. Some cultures like Tanzanian where children care for their elderly parents. We live with the help of our friends today. Can you take this to different cultures. Is it having money or is it the love of money. Maybe it is the love of material things. In the US having money is a sign of faithfulness or is it only our selfishness. The verses about divorce and adultery are in an insert in the text. Verse 16 says that John was the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Verse 18 was an argument between two groups of rabbis, Hillel and Samuel, one who taught that divorce is very hard to do, the other made it very easy to be divorced. Is V 18 the specific law that was being discussed. Luther said that the law drives us to Jesus who provides us the way to life. How do we interpret the Bible: as an absolute that we need to follow to the letter of the law; or is it irrelevant because it is to hard to interpret so we ignore it and become an atheist; or is it all explained by the grace Jesus brought to us. Chuck talked about word alone and how it appears to be promoted by a fantastic preacher who convinced lots of people and now is in ruins. Divorce has been difficult for the community as well as the individuals. How should the community or family be treated or cared for in these circumstances. In those days in some cases divorce was very easy for the man and the woman received nothing and was usually shunned by the community.