July 19, 2016, Psalm 143, Luke 16:1-9, Psalm 113 (17)

This is the story about the servant who wrote down the amounts owed his master to help the servant. Why would the master praise the servant for squandering his debts. Jesus said that people should be street smart for the right things. Using adversity to stimulate you to be creative in the spread of the gospel. Concentrate on bare essentials so you will really live. What we have is a loan from God. We should manage things for our own good. This seems a very selfish action and not an instance of good stewardship to my way of thinking. Is the servant just marking down his commission. Are we talking about limiting excessive interest. The passage says to be faithful to your future and be nice to other people. The point here says take advantage of the wealthy for the benefit of the poor. Luke has a lot on people and wealth and how they handle it. What gets in the way of a communal life style? It may be human nature. The ten commandments specify how we should live. The first 3 specify a relationship with God, the last 7 living with other humans.