7/12/2016, psalm 38:1-11,luke 15:1-11, psalm 11:12-22, (20)

Is this about material things? Great concern between loss of a herd of sheep and a coin. This is code language for an area of desolation which may be a description of where the Jews were in. The actions may be out of proportion to reality, but that is how God works. This is an example of how God cares for all and searches for the greatest and the least. No matter how list I may feel, God is there. What must I do to get eternal life, but it depends on God not me. Luke sets the context of Jesus being with sinners and the Pharisees grumble about this. When you find what is lost there is great joy. Who is rejoicing in heaven? You can’t negotiate forgiveness. In a marriage one has to forgive each other many times. What is the definition of forgiveness? Now on to the prodigal son. Was the son repentant? What would happen if he had been successful and came back and loaded over his brother. Showing compassion is not very often mentioned, but it is the reaction here. Can we ask for forgiveness or do we need to repent. From God’s viewpoint forgiveness is there but for me I need to recognize the wrong I have done. What if the father had disowned the son and didn’t welcome him back. Is the father lost forever. Could he ever be saved. In the Christian setting of that day were they excluding people and this is saying be open to others unlike you? The older son is jealous of his brother who wasn’t as good as he was. It would be nice to see the complete context, although maybe there is enough here to give us good indication of how to react.