7/5/2016 Psalm 107:1-23, Luke 14:15-35, Psalm 38 (11)

The standard of the day was a save the date and here was the formal invite which people were invited to. What is really being discussed here. Is he really talking a bout extending his ministry to others than the jews but also to the gentiles. Possibly paul’s outreach to non jews. Maybe not! Ths may be more about commitment to Jesus talking about the kingdom of God. Are we too busy to be a disciple? Maybe this is a call to action or to work in the kingdom.
Going on to the call to discipleship  he is saying not to hate but to commit your loyalty to Christ. Does it mean that you recommit your main loyalty. You would have liked Jesus to elaborate more on what he really meant by leaving all and giving total loyalty to Christ. Theopolis might have been a fairly high official in the church. Is being a half asset Christian better than nothing? C. S. Lewis says we tend to become what we pretend to be. Is it possible to do anything totally altruistic? Probably not because of sin. I am not the one to trust to judge people going to the kingdom. Do we do good works for gold stars or because we want to be like Christ?