6/28/2016 Psalms 85, Luke 13:31-35, 14:1-14, Psalms 87 (16)

This was Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of Galilee, a puppet of Rome and a nasty guy. It was an interesting way to respond to the possibly false concern of the Pharisees about his future. He literally says he is too busy healing people for the next 3 days. Does Jesus actually know the future? Therefore he knows this isn’t the way my death will happen. There is a question about Jesus’ divinity. It is alluded to in John and Peter. But never really by the name Trinity. Is it upsetting to God that we have troubling thoughts about some of the writings about God and Jesus. Alcoholics need to give themselves to god. Many if us have strange journeys through our faith development. Why did Jesus heal, possibly because Luke saw healing as his main point of ministry in life. In Luke 14 he says you should invite the poor to your banquet feasts rather than just your friends. The purpose of the law is to free us, but we can’t fulfill us. Jesus brought grace to take us the rest of the way. Are we searching for a gold star from God or is that a matter of our pride which then is a sin.