June 14, 2016 Psalms 48, Luke 13:10-17, Psalms 49:1-9 (22)

First, a discussion of the Orlando murders. The Charleston murders were done by a ELCA Lutheran Bishop Elizabeth Eaton opened forums on this. Was he in the club before this happened? We stick to our political narratives no matter how the facts fit the narrative.

Maybe the woman had severe osteoporosis. Jesus switched from condemning the synagogue ruler and broadened his condemnation to all present. Why was the Sabbath so important? It was probably to structure the people and their government. Possibly it is the first labor rule. Jesus said you treat your animals better than you treat people. How did Jesus cure the woman. She didn’t ask for it and be didn’t say your faith has made you well. Jesus challenged the religious elite on the issue if helping people. Al talked about the terrorists will be so bent on a paranoid fearful person who looks for a way to express anger and fears. Are they so hopeless that any thing is done. The woman when healed praised God. The notes in my Bible say she was afflicted by a spirit that caused her being bent over, so removing the spirit took away the physical affirming. Read Exodus 20:5-6.