May 31, 2016, Psalm 43:1-5, Luke 12:35-54, Psalm 84:1-12, (15)

This is a disturbing passage. We don’t know when Jesus will come and we must be ready. Is his rising from the death his second coming. If it is, he has promised to come again. Does revelations mean something beyond confusion? What do we know about heaven? Is there a heaven on earth or was this discredited by the early church? Why do we do good things for people? Maybe it is because of Christ’s life here on earth. He urges us not to spend our time caring about the material things of this world. But at the same time he urges us to live our lives in his example. As Matthew Henry says in his commentary, we should prepare bags not of gold, but of grace in the heart and good works in life.  These things will last. Having these kinds of treasures cannot be stolen from us. Christ is the master and we are the servants doing his will and being prepared when he comes again. It is interesting that Jesus says that those servants who know about Jesus and yet do not obey will be severely beaten, but those who do not know will be beaten lightly. Jesus warns us not to use the delay in his return to indulge ourselves in sinful behavior and selfish pursuits.