May 24, 2016 Psalm 42:1-6, Luke 12:13-34, Psalm 42:6-11, (21)

How many kinds of greed? Money, property, power, position. We talked a lot about worrying. Does it border on prayer. What is the opposite of worry. Is it shalom? Is anxiety pulling us apart? He talks to the crowd then to the disciples. No one denies a responsibility to those in poverty. But how much is enough. If wealth is everything to you it is a problem. Strive for his kingdom and these other things will be there. How much good would we do if we gave all our wealth to the poor? How much is enough? We need to give until it isn’t the main thing in your life. Can we be a blessing as we deccumulate from a lifetime of accumulating things. Is income inequality an issue for both rich and poor. How many people are really in a situation of bankruptcy and have no alternatives to continue life. A poor man walks  in at this point. Is this an omen? Was that a sighting of God? Is he part of the neighborhood we serve and can we better support it better? Maybe we can change things, or is it futile? Brian says my witness is what we do not demand. do we have the wrong performance standards when we try to help others? How do we help the poor? Can you put yourself at risk by helping others? Yes but how much does it hurt us compared to the rich who take advantage of us. Jesus spoke about all kinds of greed, not just that of the wealthy. The passage suggests that greed takes all kinds of forms and can be an issue for rich and poor alike if we focus our life on some aspect, like a collection, money, position. power, etc.