May 10, 2016 Psalm 78:55-66, Luke 11:37-53, Psalm 78:67-72 (22)

Here Jesus took the lawyers to task for worrying about the procedures and outside trappings and not be concerned about your inside thoughts and actions. We puzzled over the reference to Zechariah being killed between altar and temple. We should emphasize the blood spilled in the Old Testament which has been replaced by the gospel of Jesus. There is value to using the same version of litergy, etc. So that it sticks. But maybe you get fresh insights from different thoughts on the way to interpret a text. The Jews are laying wait to get him to discredit him. We also talked about the Q source for material in Matthew and Luke. There are parallels like this in Paul’s epistles as well. Why are the Gospels ordered as they are? Mark starts with the geneology of Jesus and John finishes with what happens after Jesus. What is Holy. There was such concern about external purity, but not our internal being. How intertwined are the purification laws with the holiness of an individual. Hal said we should use wholly instead of Holy to emphasize the whole building and not just the outside. Are we the teachers of the law or the people Jesus identified with.  Tom suggested that the concept of entropy suggests that there is a tension between nature taking over and man exerted control over the environment. Brian emphasizes I cannot on my own understand the grace of Jesus and his teachings.