May 3, 2016 Psalm 78:17-32, Luke 11:14-36, Psalm 78:33-44, (22)

Jesus was casting out demons and the crowd asked if he did it with the power of the devil. Jesus asked if he did it in the name of the devil how can it be in the name of the devil. A house divided cannot stand. Lincoln used that verse in his speech. Having a demon could have meant deafness, muteness, as well as mental defects. Does verse 27 argue against worshipping the Virgin Mary. We got into a discussion of versions of the Lord’s prayer. Gene pointed out the newer version has been around 34 years. If it becomes too familiar it becomes mindless and we need to be part of us. Luther’s catechism has been changed. We briefly talked about the Heidelberg catechism. It is very long. It also convicts us of not being able to come to God. Jonah was a prophet but he was reluctant. It seems that the generations all think badly of the generation before or after them. Jesus says he is the sign to the people as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites. Who is the sign of the people today. Maybe our sign is still and always be Jesus. The light should flow out of us. This interior light can radiate out from our enthusiasm. There is a back and forth about asking for signs and believing even if a sign hasn’t been given to us. Pain is real suffering is a choice. Should we be mindlessly follow or should we always be mindful about our relationships with Christ and with others. Did our free will cause the struggles with our faith.