April 12, 2016 Psalm 68:1-10, Luke 10:21-34, Psalm 68:11-20, (26)

No one knows the father but the son. The disciples had to faith in Jesus gave them the confidence to go on the mission. Jesus may not have the mist transparent mission at times, see only the father knows the son and the son the father. We are all searching for faith. Who is the authority in our lives? Why is it that little children seem to have the faith.
The good Samaritan.  Who is my neighbor? Is the guy on the corner begging Jesus? The young lawyer asks what do I have to do for eternal life. Worship, praise, study, share are faith practices. The priest and Levite didn’t recognize the man as a neighbor. This conflicts with Jesus teaching to the Samaritan women that he came to the lost nation of Israel. The Levite and priest were doing what was required of the law. They would have been required to be clean for the task. If the beaten man was a Jew why didn’t the Jewish priest and Levite help him out. But maybe the beaten man was beaten because he had lost the faith or didn’t believe in God. You have to remember this is a rabbinic parable. Luke put together a very powerful story that touches many issues. Who was good one and Jesus says the one who showed him Mercy. Our good Samaritan law gives some legal protection to those who help others on the highway. Bonhoeffer says “Only the believing obey, only the obedient believe.” who in our world would show Mercy. This is the point of the rabbinic parable. Have you been in the ditch, have you been the Samaritan, have you been the priest or the Levite? If I were destitute what would be on my sign? Where would I find my help?