March 29, 2016 Psalm 129, Luke 9:37-62, Psalm 130 (23)

Brian led the group today as we discussed Jesus’ activities after the transfiguration.  A lot of it dealt with the disciples activities trying to do healing and not having the faith necessary to do so. We also discussed the difficulty of understanding what Jesus was all about and what he had to do.

. Heading on Lutheran Study Bible Jesus heals boy with demon. Al asked if this meant Jesus healed him or the demon healed him? Jesus rebuked the people as faithless about the disciples ability to heal. But maybe when he said someone was failthless he was referring to the disciples not the people. Since In Matthew the disciples asked why they couldn’t heal the boy and Jesus said they had too little faith. Does this mean we don’t have the faith to heal unless Jesus gave it to them. We discussed whether we could do amazing things if we only had faith. They were all amazed as the greatness of God, does it mean Jesus glowed or something like that.

We are forgetful people and need to be reminded of what Jesus is and what he can do. Mark writes about Jesus in a very human and yet godly way. What does mean about the least among us is the greatest. Do we make things too complicated and so he says to believe like a child. Jesus predicts his suffering and death, but the disciples fail to understand this.

In verse 45 who was concealing what has happened really means. Were they still thinking he will be an earthly king. Maybe it is not so simple but he is turning the order of things upside down. If after saying this maybe the disciples were competing to be the humblest among them. Jesus is asking them to be radical.

Why was Jesus demanding so much from them. Jesus told them to go out and proclaim the kingdom of God. Is there where Martin Luther says, if something in Scripture bothers you move on to another part of Scripture. What is Jesus demanding we do? We can carry out our family obligations but remember that it is most important to proclaim the kingdom of God. Discipleship is change and what does Jesus say discipleship is all about. Jesus is saying you need to go forth NOW. We can’t let all these excuses getting in the way. We tend to become what we pretend to be. (CS Lewis complements of Bill) It appeared that the disciples never did get it, because they all disappeared when he was arrested and none of them appeared at the cross, only the women were there. The women went to the tomb as well. Why was Jesus’ true mission concealed?