March 15, 2016, Psalm 125, Luke 9:21-27, Psalm 126 (18)

Psalm seems rather uninspired, but yet it talks about a rock that is a foundation for us. Mark says that Psalm 88 is a real downer, but the psalms provide the basis for prayers for all of us, just some do it better than others.

Here Jesus is talking about his upcoming death and urging the disciples to continue to follow him. It also talks about the upcoming Kingdom of God that will come in splendor even in the lifetime of some of the disciples. Is Jesus a suffering Jesus or a glorified Jesus. What was their place in the world. He was probably making a challenge to the authorities. Did Jesus die for our sins? We need to figure out why did Jesus have to die. If we don’t have the sacrificial lamb, then why have Jesus die. It is a revolution in how God did things from the blood and guts of the wars of Joshua, David, and Abraham. Verse 27, did the kingdom of God happen in their lifetime? The resurrection was the game changer. Why did Jesus do this? to save us? The Message version is almost a pep talk by Jesus. What does it mean to take up your cross and follow Jesus. John mentioned cells or caves in Syria for monks in earlier times. The thought that would get them closer to God. Don’t be like a working ox going around in a circle to accomplish their work but pull up your stake and follow Jesus in his message. Luther was hardly unique except for his enduring melancholy.