Feb. 9, 2016, Psalm 105:25-35, Luke 8:9-18, Psalm 105:36-45, (18)

Al questioned whether Muslims have to kill someone who doesn’t believe having heard the words of the Quoran must be killed. Not so, Mohammad said you should do the good you say you will do and not just say things. A nice reference to this is provided about what the Quoran says about terrorism: Islam and Terrorism Verse 10 says it is a mystery that some can’t understand so he is telling a story to help some to see what he is trying to tell them. Sometime the story provides a linkage to match the concept. You can’t be a Christian just on Sunday. Al says people of that date knew about the law and the various interpretation at that time. We had a discussion of the resurrection of the body and some believed and some did not. Some felt there is a physical place we are resurrected to at the end. This is all about doubt that people have. We then talked about people who light lights don’t hide them. Verse 18 is a problem.  The message says that we should share his message not try to keep it all to myself. For by sharing with others your own faith will be enhanced. If you hold it to yourself, it will be decimated.