Feb. 2, 2016, Psalm 105:25-36. Luke 8:1-9, Psalm 105:36-45, (16)

Comments about the Psalm where the plagues were unleashed to allow Moses to leave. God is referred to as Israel. We had a discussion about whether Jesus married or not. Mary Magdalen was relieved if her demons and she was the first one to acknowledge Jesus was arisen, whereas Peter only verified the tomb was empty. We should be looking at the why of an event. Do Catholics believe their priests should be devoted to their parishners and therefore be celibate. We talked about where pastors go for a confessor. Can a pastor be a friend to parishners? Maybe friendship is a continuum, so that there is a difference in depth of friendship. Does a pastor lose perspective if he is a good friend to someone. Does familiarity breed contempt in terms of being a friend and a pastor. Pastors are trusted and can be a source of wisdom. We have a lot of relationships with others but only a few are the really trusted and someone who can be totally honest with you. Who do we go to when we need a person in authority to discuss things with. We have a form of automatic respect for pastors that gives us an automatic relationship with a pastor. Would we want Jesus to be in a relationship with a wife and all that comes with it.