January 26, 2016, Psalm 105:1-12, Luke 7:36-50, Psalm 105:13-25 (16)

Sinner Woman who washed Jesus feet, parable of money lender who forgave debt. Why the big emphasis on women covering their hair. It is that way throughout the middle East. I think it is men exerting their control, although women are asserting their modesty. In verse 48, your sins are forgiven. Is it by God or is Jesus. The Message says, that Jesus says “I forgive you your sins. Jesus puts the story about the money lender forgiving debt to contrast someone for whom much as been forgiven to compare the woman who the Message says was the town harlot, with the Pharisee and indicates that she had much to be forgiven and that her faith in Jesus saved her. He is building on his legacy. In verse 50 Jesus suggests it is not the washing feet but rather her faith that has saved her. Simon said to himself this is if this man were a prophet he would have known she were a sinner. Why was she in the house at all? It almost appears that this was an open house and people just wandered in. Maybe the money and land forgiven in jubilee gave this money, gave the money in light of this. The question of baptism came up as to the question of who can do it and we have evolved to a looser interpretation that in emergencies lay people can do that. Forgiveness and apology come very hard in our environment here in Iowa City. Maybe we are afraid of the legal implications of an apology. Maybe  just want to appear invincible.