January 12, 2016, Psalms 37:27-40, Luke 7:1-17, Psalms 52 (17)

We talked about Acts 8, and the spirit had not shown up yet. Possible we look on baptism differently. Is the issue efficacy or that the baptism isn’t complete yet. Maybe being baptized in the spirit is separate from baptism. Isaiah 43, there is a description of a big land deal. Luke 7. The story of healing the centurians servant. The centurian also had to blow his own horn, but he used this to acknowledge Jesus had authority like his in different way. Does faith make a difference? Monica with stage 4 cancer and is to have mistletoe therapy. Faith can strengthen us for a rocky way that we have to face. Possibly we have to let go and let things happen as we pray it works out OK. Is faith a letting go and seeing that you have to let go and let God do his will and accept that. Let’s make the most of the hand we have been given. If you pray and it doesn’t turn out your way what do you do then. It isn’t our lack of our faith that causes bad outcomes. Do physical processes control some of the things that happen in our lives. Faith is present in all of us, we have to come back to our faith in God and that he will see us thru our trials and tribulations. Brian’s prayer is for healing and Gene adds prayers for strength in difficult situations. Maybe we have to use the serenity prayer to fight for the things we can and to accept those we can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. What did the widows son do after being raised from the dead? Is there a purpose to everything that happens? Is there a grand plan to what happens? Maybe the purpose here is to help the mother, who is a widow and needed a man to help her. Maybe our purpose is to serve as a warning to others not to do as we have done. Maybe a trial has helped us to bridge to a higher purpose. We had a good open discussion about the role of faith and prayer in our lives along with having to deal with from our perspective both good and bad outcomes in life. We believe in a heaven at the end of life for those who are faithful, but is it not possible that the way we conduct our life in difficult times also a possible heavenly situation on earth?