Dec. 29, 2015 Psalm 47, Luke 6:37-42, Psalm 133 (10)

Big controversy about the use of brother vs neighbor in the parable in different versions. The Greek uses brother. This led into a discussion of sexist language. Is the judge not that you be not judged. This is done in the mode of condemnation. You should create a culture of what you would like the world should be. The golden rule is also Matthew 7:12. The bit about measures is to give fair measure. How about the blind leading the blind. The powers of observation may overcome handicaps. Maybe a blind man could lead you in a dark situation as opposed to some who can only use their sight. Is Ferenz a great college coach or is it the players or both. He has good motivational skills, but certainly is not an expert at all positions. A combination of skill, knowledge, and teaching need to be combined. The speck in someone else needs to be pointed out, but how is this done. How do you manage family relationships involving criticism without judgments.