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Dec. 29, 2015 Psalm 47, Luke 6:37-42, Psalm 133 (10)

Big controversy about the use of brother vs neighbor in the parable in different versions. The Greek uses brother. This led into a discussion of sexist language. Is the judge not that you be not judged. This is done in the mode of condemnation. You should create a culture of what you would like the world should be. The golden rule is also Matthew 7:12. The bit about measures is to give fair measure. How about the blind leading the blind. The powers of observation may overcome handicaps. Maybe a blind man could lead you in a dark situation as opposed to some who can only use their sight. Is Ferenz a great college coach or is it the players or both. He has good motivational skills, but certainly is not an expert at all positions. A combination of skill, knowledge, and teaching need to be combined. The speck in someone else needs to be pointed out, but how is this done. How do you manage family relationships involving criticism without judgments.

December 22, 2015, Psalm 110, Luke 6:17-38, Psalm 2 (19)

Is there a reference to the Messiah being the son of God in the Bible? Al has been puzzling about this. This was a reference used by a number of rulers at the time to aggrandize themselves. Although there does not appear to be a reference to the Messiah being the Son of God in the Old Testament, there are many references in the New Testament, including a reference of a voice from on high saying this is my son in whom I am well pleased. Some say that it was an alternative to saying Messiah. It is different from the concept of the Trinity which says God the Son and asserts not only that he was the Son of God, but God himself.

Matthew uses kingdom of heaven, and Luke and others use kingdom of God. Jesus teaches about the gospel of the kingdom of God and can be seen as God’s plan for the earth. Only Matthew uses the reference to Kingdom of Heaven and there are parallel references in other gospels to the same circumstance being referred to as the Kingdom of God, for xample Matthew 4:17 and Mark 1:15, and Matthew 5:3-10 adn Luke 6:20-22, as well as others.

What about all the references to the wealthy and they will not receive the kingdom of God. What about the rich man having more trouble getting to heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle. We are the rich. Woe to you who rich for you have received your reward. Maybe people thought it was gods blessing to be rich and he was saying no if you think that you have  already received your reward. The point is that it is what we do with what we have. St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myrna, gave all he had away. So did Francis of Assisi. You give as you are able. Do these passages refer to this life or the next? What is the Greek word for rich, precio, much. Are cooperatives and communual living short term responses to adversity which can’t exist long term. For example, the Amana Colonies were created out of a need to survive, but changed their form in the 30’s. They were part of a German group called the Community of the True Inspiration or teh church of the true inspiration. The group led by Christian Metz left Germany to find religious freedom in the US in 1843-44. The leaders took the name Amana from the Song of Solomon 4:8.

There are 3 uses of the law, civil use, convict you of sin, establish your relationship with God and how you should live.

Dec. 15, 2015, Psalm 119:145, Luke 6: 1-16 Psalm 119: , (22)

Lost boys psalm 119:145-160, Luke 6:1-16, Psalm 119:161-176  (22)

We talked about rubbing grain in their hands and eating it. Did they have a problem with property rights that taking grain might be a problem. I don’t think that was a problem. This was about the Sabbath law. Did Jesus say that the rules on Sabbath were never intended to be like they were intended to be. Can you do good on the Sabbath? Christian reformed are very serious about observing the Sabbath. How many times do men make laws that are intended to supplement the laws of God, but take them to the extreme and expect people to follow them. Luke is concerned about insuring that people not be afraid of the coming of Christ’s coming. Jesus is confronting the system. Isn’t the point to say these commands are of human origin not necessarily God’s. It seems that some people  choose to obey the laws that are clearest and easiest to follow. Although many times, these laws take on a life of their own. It is a way to judge others, but pointing to a standard of laws that when all things are black and white are easy to say when someone is violating the law and when it is being upheld. Today, almost all of us ignore the Sabbath laws, when it is convenient to do so. Maybe our routine changes a little on Sundays, Hassidic Jews take the Sabbath law very seriously. Paul says Jews seek signs, Greeks seek wisdom, and I preach Christ saves us. The miracles are amazing and there had been no prophets for 400 years until John the Baptist and then came Christ as a prophet. Do we know prophets of today? Why did Jesus rename some of the disciples and not all of them. I think it is like giving nicknames to friends and working associates today. Peter was really Petros, the rock. . Psalm qqp to the end.