Nov. 18, 2015 Psalm 119:9-24, Luke 4:14-44, Psalm 119:18-27, (23)

He healed people, preached in the synagogues, and taught from the scriptures. We talked about coming back to their home town. He said Isaiah’s scripture were fulfilled in him. The people said prove it by healing somebody here. He said a prophet is without honor in his country. Is prozac a demon killer. There is something positive about personalizing a mental illness. God assigned demons tasks as in what happened to Saul. It appeared the people wanted this amazing man to do miracles for them and he said I can not do as much as you want from me and refused to do do that and so they drove him out of town. He went to Capernaum and healed people. We discussed the purpose of the book. It was supposedly written to Theophiles. Some say that it was written to the ruler Theophiles but he filled in 160 and Luke was written in 60. After saying he was following Elijah in helping just a few, he goes and heals all who come to him.