Nov. 10, 2015 Psalm 150, Luke 4:1-13, Psalm 119:1-8, (27)

Psalm 150 is the last chapter in Psalms and is a praise full Psalm.  The temptation of Christ. He was praying and meditating in the desert. Then the devil tempted him. Who are you and what are the temptations that you face in your life. How about the dissatisfaction of the current age, is that a temptation? In the midst of our security a temptation. Does Satan act like the data mining internet knowing our inner thoughts and desires so that he can tempt us in the ways we are most likely to succumb.  Where did the direct quotes come from, was there a third person there. Jesus quotes are from Deuteronomy and the devils are from Psalms. Tom suggested you need to stay far away from temptation. He suggests spiritual fitness as something you constantly work on. Was the devil invented to make God able to be more pure. This is a teaching story where Jesus is telling the story about how to deal with temptation. We each have a wilderness and temptations come to us at that time. Sometimes as soon as we congratulate ourselves on doing good at something we screw up. But Brian says that he is perfect in Christ and only in him. We need to place ourselves in the story so we can find the spirit of the Lord and he has been assimilated into our lives. The final Psalm we read today is 119 which is a long Psalm that we will read in sections. We are blessed by God if we stay on course on the road revealed by God.