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Nov. 18, 2015 Psalm 119:9-24, Luke 4:14-44, Psalm 119:18-27, (23)

He healed people, preached in the synagogues, and taught from the scriptures. We talked about coming back to their home town. He said Isaiah’s scripture were fulfilled in him. The people said prove it by healing somebody here. He said a prophet is without honor in his country. Is prozac a demon killer. There is something positive about personalizing a mental illness. God assigned demons tasks as in what happened to Saul. It appeared the people wanted this amazing man to do miracles for them and he said I can not do as much as you want from me and refused to do do that and so they drove him out of town. He went to Capernaum and healed people. We discussed the purpose of the book. It was supposedly written to Theophiles. Some say that it was written to the ruler Theophiles but he filled in 160 and Luke was written in 60. After saying he was following Elijah in helping just a few, he goes and heals all who come to him.

Nov. 10, 2015 Psalm 150, Luke 4:1-13, Psalm 119:1-8, (27)

Psalm 150 is the last chapter in Psalms and is a praise full Psalm.  The temptation of Christ. He was praying and meditating in the desert. Then the devil tempted him. Who are you and what are the temptations that you face in your life. How about the dissatisfaction of the current age, is that a temptation? In the midst of our security a temptation. Does Satan act like the data mining internet knowing our inner thoughts and desires so that he can tempt us in the ways we are most likely to succumb.  Where did the direct quotes come from, was there a third person there. Jesus quotes are from Deuteronomy and the devils are from Psalms. Tom suggested you need to stay far away from temptation. He suggests spiritual fitness as something you constantly work on. Was the devil invented to make God able to be more pure. This is a teaching story where Jesus is telling the story about how to deal with temptation. We each have a wilderness and temptations come to us at that time. Sometimes as soon as we congratulate ourselves on doing good at something we screw up. But Brian says that he is perfect in Christ and only in him. We need to place ourselves in the story so we can find the spirit of the Lord and he has been assimilated into our lives. The final Psalm we read today is 119 which is a long Psalm that we will read in sections. We are blessed by God if we stay on course on the road revealed by God.

Nov. 3, 2015 Psalm 118, Luke 3, Psalm 67 (21)

We discussed Mercy vs love as the words in the Psalm. But when we ask God for mercy we are asking for gods enduring presence in our love.
Now to Luke 3. We begin with John the Baptist and his ministry. John was the forerunner to Jesus and began his policies. John makes the claim he is the one who fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah. People who prepare for the king make the road easier for the king and John claimed to be the one preparing for Jesus as king. When did this happen, it is triangulated by when people were in the areas mentioned. What do you need to do according to John, be. More charitable and don’t cheat. Luke’s gospel is more global and reaches out to others. The gospels were probably group projects and people shared their memories. For example, John was probably over 80 when his gospel was written and it was a group project. Steve read the genealogy of Jesus, which starts with Jesus and goes back to Adam and to God. Some people think that Luke was giving Mary’s genealogy here and not Josephs. It is supposed that Mary was related to David and not Joseph. and at that time, women weren’t supposed to be important. both Luke and Matthew provide genealogies, with Luke starting at Adam and Matthew starting at Abraham. The two genealogies are the same from Abraham to David, but differ drastically from there on. That is why some people think that Luke’s was for Mary while Matthew’s was for Joseph. Matthew’s lineage is in Matthew 1:1-17.