October 27, 2015 Psalm 51, Luke 2 (25)

Psalm 51 is the psalm of the confession of David after he committed adultery with Bathsheba. In Luke 2, note the royalty of the first part. Caesar was conducting a census so he could tax everyone, but God announced Jesus birth to lowly sheepherders. This was a great contrast. This is the Christmas story. The religious story is great but the government is little in the Magnificat, but here govt. Is greater. Global mission planning a mission festival Jan. 24, and Elizabeth Trost will speak. She is currently in Jerusalem. The part about Simeon is not talked about too much in the church, but the Nunc Diminicus is part of lots of our services. Why does the Bible skip from age 12 to 30 because maybe he wasn’t very complementary according to some sources. There are lots of other sources that describe Jesus growing up. Think about the distances Mary and Jesus covered at this at time. They went from Bethlehem to Egypt and then all the way back to Nazareth. It had to take a lot of time for this to be done. How did Joseph afford these travels. Did he work along the way? Here God sent Jesus to the Jews but what about other religions. Is not this a religion for all? We weren’t a very talkative group this morning. 

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