September 29, 2015 Psalm 25, Colossians 4, Psalm 27 (19)

Lots of Greek names in this passage, Chuck H. did a good job reading them. Onesiamus the freed slave is one of the names.  A question was raised about the gender of Nympha as in most versions Nympha is a woman, but in King James Nympha is a man. Mark said that in the Greek version Nympha is masculine.  This is area where Christians lived in tunnels persecuted by Romans. Paul was a Roman citizen. Tom asked how. Paul was a Roman citizen by birth. Others had to buy their way in or perform some important service to the empire. It was an important thing to be a Roman citizen and it was rare for a Hebrew to be one.  How does Pope Francis relate to Colossians in terms of reaching out to people.  I think that he is following the words of Paul as much as possible. What kind of push back did he have from US bishops. It appears that the most outrage occurred from sexual abuse victims as they interpreted his remarks on Sunday to the bishops in which he said to the bishops and priests in attendance that he felt thir pain. This seemed to signal to the sex abuse victims that he was trivializing the church’s role in responding to the sexual abuse victims. He has not met with them even as much as the previous pope did.  Will there ever be any kind of unity among Catholics and other churches. The consensus was that it would not happen. There was discussion about Catholic practices of not offering the Host to non-Catholics. Dick Trost’s sermon based the outreach of Jesus to all not just the Jews was based on the words of Peter. Paul is usually much more pronounced about preaching that Christ reached out to all, not just to the Jews. Peter, in Rome, was associated with Christians there being Jews, so it is interesting to read Peter’s words about Jesus reaching out to all, not just the Jews.  Paul’s teaching brings Jesus’ teaching to personal relationships as opposed to rules about relationships between individuals and God. Bill say its a problem when we say we are the only answer.

Next time we move to Luke.

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