August 11, 2015, I Samuel 22-23 (16)

Saul appears to be acting in a bipolar manner in that at times, David is a trusted person in his court and at other times, Saul is intent on killing him. Interesting that Saul couldn’t find David, but Jonathan found him quite easily. Doeg killed all the priests and other people at Nob at Saul’s command.  Why did Saul kill all these people. It doesn’t make sense, but then Saul frequently acted out of paranoia and was out of control.  How could God allow this to happen. See I Samuel 2:27-32. There is a big contrast between god talking to David and not intervening to save the priests. Saul started as a good guy but was corrupted over time. Saul is jealous. Is he an archetype of a jealous God. We got into a discussion of a benevolent dictator and the ways in which that works. That appears to be a reason that Donald Trump is so popular today, because he says he will do things immediately. Some people want action and that seems to be lacking in our government today. Why do we take the Old Testament stories more seriously than most of the Jews. Our faith is based on the NT and not the Old Testament today.

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