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August 25, 2015 I Samuel 26-27

It is interesting to follow this story, because some Ziphites came to Saul at Gibeah and told him where David was hiding and Saul immediately set out to find him but didn’t succeed. Yet a little later, Jonathan easily found David in the area. Maybe they communicated by cell phones, but Saul didn’t have the latest technology. Then later, David goes to Saul’s camp and finds him unguarded but says he will not kill Saul, because Saul is anointed of God to be king. Then later on, David announces to Saul that he has been in his camp and had the opportunity but didn’t kill him. Saul says he will not kill David. Then David moves to the area ruled by the Philistines and settles in but proceeds to act as if he is a terrorist. Achish who allowed him to be in Ziklag  would ask who he had raided. David replied, “Oh, the Negev of Judah, or the Negev of Jerahmeel, or the Negev of the Kenites. These were all towns in Israel, and sow Ashish thought he was creating a problem for himself and would never be able to go back to Israel.He never left a single person alive lest one show up in Gath and tell Achish what David was really doing. Achish wasn’t aware he was raiding the Canaanite people of the area such as the Geshurites, the Girzites, and the Amalekites.  This would strengthen the appeal to the Isrealites. Here is an interesting reference site that describes what is going on with David and Saul at that time. David, Achish, and Saul

August 11, 2015, I Samuel 22-23 (16)

Saul appears to be acting in a bipolar manner in that at times, David is a trusted person in his court and at other times, Saul is intent on killing him. Interesting that Saul couldn’t find David, but Jonathan found him quite easily. Doeg killed all the priests and other people at Nob at Saul’s command.  Why did Saul kill all these people. It doesn’t make sense, but then Saul frequently acted out of paranoia and was out of control.  How could God allow this to happen. See I Samuel 2:27-32. There is a big contrast between god talking to David and not intervening to save the priests. Saul started as a good guy but was corrupted over time. Saul is jealous. Is he an archetype of a jealous God. We got into a discussion of a benevolent dictator and the ways in which that works. That appears to be a reason that Donald Trump is so popular today, because he says he will do things immediately. Some people want action and that seems to be lacking in our government today. Why do we take the Old Testament stories more seriously than most of the Jews. Our faith is based on the NT and not the Old Testament today.

August 4, 2015 I Samuel 20-21 (18)

We discussed 21. The first part was about the consecrated bread and lead to the holiness of the bread and communion. Everything is holy? It may be about matters of respect. How do you treat the holiness of the bible. People were concerned about throwing away lesson inserts as they were part of the bible. Man can’t make something holy. Vs 10-11 he fled from Saul and others thought he was king. And David was afraid of king achish. This a bunch of disconnected stories.

David was going to act on whim but Abigail stopped him. Then Nabal died and David married Abigail. She saved Nabal’s life but god killed him later. Abigail was a woman of wisdom. They didn’t seem to have a concept of the value of life. David wanted some hospitality from Nabal.

Abigail didn’t tell Nabal until the morning of the feast and  Nabal had a heart attack and died ten days later. David’s instinct was to wipe out naval because of the disrespect. What about the hospitality of the Arab people.