June 16, 2015, Samuel 9-10:8 (16)

Samuel met Saul and named him the new king. You could see the hand of God in this story. Saul was seeking to find his father’s donkeys and had traveled along way from home. His servant said he should consult the seer to aid him in his search. Samuel was the seer and invited Saul to his special dinner that he held when he was in the town. Samuel went from town to town as the judge for the people. He instructed his servant to give Saul the best piece of meat and then anointed Saul with olive oil to make him the leader of the people. Samuel met Saul and named him the new king. Talking about the stature of Saul, Mark asked how tall we were when we were younger. He mentioned that Samuel was the seer. John said that the donkeys led Saul to Samuel according to a commentary from the Bible Hub. Saul was tall and commanding among his peers. If you are doing relational work you need to have a magnetic personality. What other leadership characteristics did Saul have. Samuel as the seer went from town to town the people would know when he was coming. Saul was initially reluctant to take on the job. How do we deal with the challenges of job change. You wonder how Saul dealt with the challenge of taking over the leadership of the nation of Israel. We got into a discussion of why we join a church and how we then fit into that community. How did Saul then begin to fit in with the people and assume the leadership of the people and was anointed to lead the people.

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