May 26, 2015, Samuel 2:12-3 (17)

Chuck says Hannah’s prayer is in the form of a psalm. Was Elkanah upset with the lords visit to Hannah when she got pregnant, or is just the use of words here? The Lord said Eli’s two sons were destined to die because of their evil because the sons stole from the burnt offerings. The Chinese are more practical as their offerings go to the priests and the poor.  We have problems here with corruption in the temple. The priests had to be fed from the offerings. How else were they supported. Samuel was sent to be trained by Eli to be a priest even though Eli had failed with his own sons. It was all set up as a kosher offering and the two sons used the three pronged fork to defile it. Samuel means name of god. Chuck V. Related how at his wife’s death the nurse related how warm the auto around here was as opposed to the coldness that offends death. Chuck T related how his daughter in her illness awakened him one night with a glow about her and said she felt the prayers surround her. Mark said that when kidneys shut down strange things frequently happen to the body, but people report emotional things happen as their loved one died. When the lord says Eli should restrain his sons, but what should he have done. Isn’t is very hard to control your sons or daughters as they mature? Were their misdeeds really Eli’s fault, and if so, why did God entrust Samuel to Eli’s instruction?

We talked about the essay on Islam. The following link will let you see the article. This source tries to be inn Islam, it is a good work if you avoid committing a sin. Can Islam continue to grow despite the limits on personal freedoms. Will that rise up to bite them. A friend of johns said Islsm is the perfect religion with its five pillars. Include Toms test.


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