May 5, 2015 Judges 16

Today we discuss chapter 16, the story of Samson ad Delilah. Earlier, there was mention that God was somehow using Samson’s affair with Philistine women for some good purpose, other than u.timately killing many of them when he pulled down the building in which they were ridiculing Samson and his God,I can think of no good reason to do this.  Didn’t Samson understand how bad Delilah was For him?  I guess he was blinded by her charms long before they pulled his eyeballs out. I guess the moral of 5his story is to not become infatuated with someone from the emeny, which enemy you are trying to defeat. For all the power God gave Samson, it seems to be one of many failed judgeships. It can be characterized as many things in Judges are, “and every man did as he chose.”


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