April 28, 2015 Judges 13-15

this is the story of Samson. Of major interest here are the differences between Japhthath’s birth. Japhthath was a son of a harlot and had to fight for respectibility. Samson was born in an Agawam and Sarah typy of circumstance where an angel of the Lord came to her and told her how she should comport herself. She was told, just like the young women of today, that that should not drink wine or eat any unclean food to preserve the child. Samson would not cut his hair and would be like a Nazerite to the Lord. There were some interesting back and forth about the wife Samsung wanted to take because she was a Philistine. But the Lord told his parents he was leading him by using the Philistine woman. Then there were some strange happenings where the father of the girl gave his daughter to Samaon’s companion and wanted to give Samson his younger daughter Ala Jacob and Laban. There are just lots of parallels here to make Samson to be a real patriarch of the people In the fashion of Abraham or Jacob. Of  rse we can’t forget Samson killing a thousand Philistine withthejawboneof an ass, and then getting a sweet drink from thejawbone. Also we must remember hi killing the lion and the bees and honey appearing in it.these were astrangesetofcircumstancesal,planned to show him to be a strong leader. 

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