April 7, 2015 Judges 7-8 (17)

The life and battles of Gideon. What about the dream that foretold Gideon’s victory. It is always interesting how dreams get interpreted. Why fight with 300 against the masses  of the Midianites. It seems quit improbable but the story is intended to show the might of God. Your disobedience doesn’t make God unfaithful. There is a lot of friendly fire among the Midianites  and the camels stampede to defeat them. Camels tend to be nasty beasts anyway, and don’t make good pets. I can see them rebelling against their bosses. The Midianites were a roaming people who were marauders and roamed in the area, so Gideon was protecting the ag interests in the area. Even the people who drink like dogs were those selected to defeat the Midionites. Or maybe the people who lapped like doges were keeping an eye out for the enemy while they were drinking. Thus they were more vigilant and thus were the better soldiers. The tribal system served to separate the people and they tended to not communicate with each other. Tom told about people in NE Russia who counted their wealth in reindeer but couldn’t eat them or use them as well. In chapter 8 Gideon tries to get help from other Jewish tribes people and were refused so Gideon promised retribution. He then killed the people of Penuel and slew the men of the city. Chuck is doing better.

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