March 31, 2015 Judges 6 (Fleece Prayer) (19)

Fleece prayer was where Gideon put god to the test. Asher (or Asherof) pole is indicator of where altar of Baal was located. Henny Youngman said “Jewish holidays are all alike they try to kill us they failed so let’s eat.” It was 7 years after Deborah to Gideon. The people were seduced into the religion of the Mideonites which was a sex religion. Baal was a fertility cult with religious prostitutes. This interaction is there are consequences for your deeds. God could have shown them how to leave peacefully with their neighbors like the pilgrims. Why didn’t He?
Why fleece prayer special? Some people have made it into a sign that if an unusual thing happened then something else happens that is a sign from God. How will our society of of sex get changed? Maybe we will be given over to ISIS. We persist in turning a blind eye to the prevalence of sex in our society. We got into a conversation about Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders as a symbol of sex in our society. What happens in our communities as a result of these shows. Why does the society in Amsterdam not lead to a society of objectivication of women? Jesus was a victim of the system. And so he prayed that he might not have to be crucified, but left that up to God the Father to decide.
Here are a couple of references to fleece prayer:  Flipping coins to determine God’s will as a fleece:

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