March 17, 2015 Judges 2-3 (15)

Most people think judges was written in the 5th century BC. The events described happened somewhere in between the twelveth and tenth century BC. The commentaries note that when the people go away from God, they are called Israelites, while when they are with God they are children of Israel. We discussed hero’s as leaders but noted that many heros have worts. The word judges were some tribes people who became leaders. When you mingle the value systems there can be problems. The Israelites face the problems like all people and they needed people to sort out their disputes and some of these became very important leaders as well. Bill brought up the notion of priests from Samuel. Where were they during judges. What happens when the culture requires us to sacrifice our children? This was happening in the religion of Baal and Ashertof. We got into the promiscuity of today. What does it mean about our society? Is it wrong that we value some teachings of scripture more than others. For example, our lives today pretty much deny that adultery is a sin. Does convenience and our happiness trump our fidelilty?  We got into the promiscuity of today. What about the Bachelor? Curt says divorce and marriage happens long before the actual legal proceedings happen.

There was an interesting opinion piece in the NYT about the US being a Christian nation. The link to it is

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