March 10, 2015 Judges 1 (19)

Joshua and Jesus spelled the same in Greek. Judges starts with a couple of prologues and 2 epilogs. Mark talked about Huntington as the first president of the continental congress. In Judgs, they cut off big toes and thumbs to prevent the captured kings from wielding weapons or running. The scripture writers wrote history after the fact to give God the credit. The Israelites were  ruled by the patriarchs but they now no longer were there and so they turned to judges to rule Israel. Note that old gezers come from v 19. They didn’t kill off everyone but made some slaves. The Israelites tried to assimilate people in some cases rather than kill them. This, however, sometimes led to serious problems. It may have been somewhat like the immigrant problem today.

How did it feel to be enslaved in Egypt and then be freed and how would they react to being in charge. Human genetics found rare diseases because of inter marriage in these tribes of the Negeb. Why are we surprised at the violence of ISIS but that is the way it  has been for a long time. The judges took over to accomplish a limited task of moving into an area. Joshua took over the promised land but this Era happened after that and there is a lack of leadership. They wrote this in 1000 BC and attributed much of what happened was due to God and his promises. These judges had the job of settling disputes among the people. Why did the people attribute activity to god. The constitution encapsulates our belief system and the supreme court interprets it for us. The judges back then had more leadership roles. God did good things through judges like Ehud, Gideon, Deborah, Samson, as well as some other individuals. Judges chronicles the moral decay that afflicted Israel and led to its oppression, at time recording shocking events. We can use these events as a warning against spriitual indifference and the moral decay that stalks our lives today. The providential decided. Next week Judges 2 and 3. The invention of lying is a movie.

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