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April 7,2009 Mark 5:1-13

There was a discussion about giants in the Bible like Goliath or Sampson. The purpose of Mark was to get the story of Jesus written down. This was done 3 generations after Jesus, and people decided that it needed to be written down. The theme in Mark’s gospel is recognizing Jesus. Why does the man with unclean spirits recognize Jesus. Then we talked about an old Rod Sterling story that had a sin-eater in it. We sometimes are surprised by people who we don’t expect to say wise things saying them. Jesus credits people’s faith with saving them. Luther says to read the Bible with the mind of a child. Are the unclean spirits who recognized Jesus like the false prophets of today? Mark said that a lutheran pastor said, if you think Jesus is the only way to salvation, think again. What does that mean. A confused person who was in counseling was in tears because she didn’t know what to believe. Bill talked about his aunt who recently died who had a simple faith. there is a feeling when you get old like us, to just give up on knowing all the answers and just have faith. ¬†Are we humans free or are we subject to God’s will or plan. If anyone knows what will happen tomorrow then it is determined. Is predestination fore knowledge. Is saying that something happened because it was in God’s plan for us predestination? We say the scriptures are the authority in our lives.